IT Assessment Services for Kansas City Companies

Is your technology showing its age? Are you sure about the security and reliability of your data and IT infrastructure?.

Want to know exactly where you stand? – IT Assessment Services

Slow and unpatched systems pose a threat to your business and can be a drag on productivity. It’s hard to tell unless you know where to look. We can help with IT assessments.

Conduit Technical Services works with you in identifying and resolving the bottlenecks that plague your systems. We leave no stone unturned.

How Do IT Assessments Work?

Our team of dedicated IT experts checks the computers, servers, printers, network gear, and other IT assets that power your business. We then present to you a full and comprehensive report on everything we have found, with a road map to rectify any issues and mitigate potential threats that could impact your business operations.

A typical assessment includes items like:

  • Computer Health – The reliability and efficiency of individual computers and hardware components
  • Server Health – Ability of your data servers to function flawlessly including load balancing, security, ports, etc
  • Network Health – Assessing the viability of your physical and wireless network, including networking gear
  • External Vulnerability Audit – Determining your risk of falling prey to malicious external threats and attacks
  • File Access Permissions – Assessing data access permissions across workflows and departments
  • Network Policies – Assessment of best practices in network management – ensuring industry-standard network policies are in place
  • PII (Personally Identifiable Information) Audit – Assess your organization’s privacy protection policies and processes against regulatory/legislative requirements.

We strive to ensure that your business is compliant with regulatory mandates including:

  • PCI Compliance – Audit, assessment, and administration of policies to ensure compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards.
  • HIPAA Compliance – Audit, advice, and implementation of policies to ensure compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.

IT Assessment Questions

What About Future Business Needs?

Technology changes fast. What works today may not suit your business needs in the future.

Conduit Technical Services helps you identify and build the IT capabilities that will be needed to support your strategic goals, business vision, and future growth. We help you evaluate current technologies and vendors against their ability to support your future IT needs, giving you the competitive edge and potentially minimizing costs.

How Much Does An Assessment Cost?

The cost of IT assessments differs with each company’s IT environment?


Because no two businesses are the same – and no two IT environments are the same.

Cost will vary depending on the complexity of your IT assets.

What Are the Next Steps After an Assessment?

Conduit Technical Services is with you every step of the journey. We strive to make sure that your IT environment is robust, reliable and scalable to support current and future business needs.

Our assessment comes with a detailed, and comprehensive report, identifying any gaps, threats or bottlenecks that exist. We will work in consultation with you and any internal IT staff you may have to develop a plan of action and address the problems discovered during the assessment.

Dylan has been such a help to our company. He never makes you feel bad about asking for help (I am NOT tech savvy and have surely asked some stupid questions!). Our issues have all been resolved quickly and the billing was extremely fair. I highly recommend Conduit's services.

~ Brett Bauer

They were very quick to respond and helpful with our Data solution. I would highly recommend them.”

~ Linda Butler