Office 365 Tip: Use Planner to collaborate with your team on a project!

A little known, highly useful application included with Office 365 (now Microsoft 365) is Planner. It is great for organizing a team to collaborate on

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Office 365 Tip: Accessing And Syncing SharePoint Document Libraries To Your Computer

Sometimes it's helpful to have your OneDrive or SharePoint document library locally available on your computer instead of accessing it through a web b

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Free On Demand Excel Training: Tips & Techniques For Managing Workbooks

Organization Shouldn’t Be Complicated Out of all of Microsoft’s Office programs, Excel is one of the most universally used. What started out as a

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Capital One Data Breach Affects More Than 100 Million Customers

Capital One Data Breach Affects More Than 100 Million Customers and Small Businesses in The U.S. & 6 Million in Canada On July 29, 2019, Capital One r

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New Phishing Threat Presents Security Challenge

Phishing Attacks Target OAuth Credentials to Gain System Access Discover how an increasingly popular authentication process, OAuth, can be exploited b

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How to Achieve Digital Success

As the business world continues to evolve, digital transformation becomes even more important for every company, regardless of the industry. However,

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What Are the Most Serious Cybersecurity Stories of 2019?

We’re only halfway into 2019, yet data protection specialists and IT analysts have already seen an unfortunate spike in criminal activity across in

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How Can You Insert a Text Box in Google Docs?

How Can You Insert a Text Box in Google Docs? There are two simple ways to add a text box into your Google Doc. Each lets you set apart text that sta

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Microsoft’s Hyper-V Server 2019 Finally Released: Here’s What You Need to Know

Microsoft’s Hyper-V Server 2019 Finally Released After being plagued with everything from data loss issues to a lack of available hardware, Microsof

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How Does Windows 10 Improve Security and Data Protection?

Windows 10 comes a step closer to preventing cyberattacks and privacy threats facing users. It’s a next-generation solution that helps you fight th

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Dylan has been such a help to our company. He never makes you feel bad about asking for help (I am NOT tech savvy and have surely asked some stupid questions!). Our issues have all been resolved quickly and the billing was extremely fair. I highly recommend Conduit's services.

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They were very quick to respond and helpful with our Data solution. I would highly recommend them.”

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